Day Cruiser

Yamarin Day Cruiser boats are high-quality leisure boats with a bow cabin, whose careful finish can be seen in both the overall look and the details. Yamarin Day Cruiser is a perfect choice for day cruises and other summer trips.

Day Cruiser

Bow Rider

A fun, trendy, high-performing open boat with excellent handling – what more could you want from a boat intended for fast water sports and day trips? Yamarin Bow Riders are sturdy boats, whose practicality and safety make speedy boating days unforgettable.

Bow Rider


Yamarin Console open boats are ideal for aspiring boaters. The size range and three console options of Console model open boats enable versatile use of the boats, ranging from short-distance travel and day cruises to fishing.

enhanced luxury and power

Yamarin 88DC Premium

Visually, the Premium version stands out from the Standard version with its stainless steel windshield frame and a pair of large 16-inch displays in the driver’s console. The two Yamarin Q smart displays enable the helmsman to view simultaneously a full-scale electronic chart on one screen and just the key engine data, for example, on the other.

The new level of ease in boating

Yamarin Q

The new Yamarin models, the Day Cruiser range and the 63BR, are equipped with the advanced Yamarin Q infotainment system. The Yamarin Q's large and easy-to-use touchscreen brings together electronic charts, an on-board computer and an infotainment system as part of a motor boat’s basic set-up.

With the system, boaters have everything they need readily available in one place, be it the charts, engine gauges or local weather as well as boating manuals and other instruction materials.

A wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation

Yamarin 63 DC

The Yamarin 63 Daycruiser is an excellent choice for summer days for the entire family. The completely new hull design of the Yamarin 63 DC for the 2020 season is a wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation with family and friends. Due to the hull design, the handling characteristics of the boat have been further improved and more space has been created in the cabin without forgetting the modern appearance of the boat.