Yamarin 88DC

The luxurious Yamarin flagship

Yamarin expands its highly popular day cruiser line-up with a new flagship model. The much-expected new Yamarin 88 DC is aimed at boaters who enjoy spending time on the water with family and friends and appreciate a good social area, an elegant appearance and excellent handling characteristics. Yamarin is offering also a Premium version of the 88 DC.

The handling characteristics of the Yamarin 88 DC will please even the very demanding helmsmen. The boat feels stable to handle also in higher speeds and rougher weather. The Yamarin 88 DC’s maximum engine rating is the Yamaha XTO 425 hp that produces a top speed of 45 knots.>

10 Seating Capacity

8.8m Length Overall

2348 Kg Weight

2.95 m Width

inc. Standard Equipment
Base Boat
Yamaha F200
Package RRP


The Yamarin 88 Day Cruiser has been designed a pleasant boat to ride in and spend time on. Its open space, the largest of any boat in this size category, serves as a good-sized social area for a larger crowd as well. This space opens up behind the helm, with a comfortably cushioned G-shaped seat for 8–10 people and a large table in the middle. The pantry features a stove and a wash basin, and its handy worktop folds up neatly. The refrigerator is placed below the stove. The drawers situated underneath the co-driver’s seat provide practical storage space for dishes, for example.

Visually, the Premium version stands out from the Standard version with its stainless steel windshield frame and a pair of large 16-inch displays in the driver’s console. The two Yamarin Q smart displays enable the helmsman to view simultaneously a full-scale electronic chart on one screen and just the key engine data, for example, on the other.